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I believe in Canadian Values, which have made our country the success it is, and do not think we need to bend over and change those core values if it diminishes what has made our country great, and reduces our freedom, including the freedom of expression.

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Thursday, 20 June 2013

How to set a trap for an unsuspecting but overly curious person

Thanks for playing. I now know your ISP, your city, your OS, your computer, the number of times you have been here, where you were before, how long you stayed, and which computer on which network you are using.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Guns and responsible use

Much is made about gun control, particularly in light of incidents recently in Scarborough, ON,  and in Colorado.

The left and those with Hoplophobia (a fear of guns) immediately want to ban them as though these "tools" are responsible directly as opposed to the user.

Motor vehicles create far more death and damage than do guns but you never hear of them being banned. Could it be we don't blame them? Perhaps the drivers (users) are more responsible?

The following is a graphic on the situation in Switzerland who seem to be able to handle firearms quite well, in addition to their country as a whole. Perhap other countries should take a good look.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Left wing Journo, Stephen Wicary, for Globe & Mail moves to Cuba

John Kay, of the National Post, made some observations on Ezra Levant's monologues on Stephen Wicary who left his post as the online editor of the Globe & Mail recently to take up residence in communist Cuba. These observations are a result of both Ezra's remarks and a Twitter war that broke out on the 5/7/12 and lasted into the morning of the 6/7/12.

Jonathan Kay: Much ado about Stephen Wicary’s Cuban adventure

"Every once in a while, Sun TV infotainer Ezra Levant reminds us why Canada needs his unique brand of say-anything Glenn Beckesque “journalism.” And every once in a while, he assaults decency in a way that leaves us all with dropped jaws (bananas, anyone?). Sometimes, he even manages to do both within the same five-minute monologue segment.

So it was on Friday, with this tirade against the Canadian mainstream media, and a certain outgoing Globe & Mail editor — in which he leads off with a worthy 2-minute skewering of the general Twitter-mediated sameness and leftism that pervades most of this country’s opinion-makers. More specifically, he points out that the pundit class has seemed bored by the underplayed scandal of Liberal leadership candidates who’ve violated campaign-finance rules by failing to repay loans; even while frenzying itself over the robo-calls issue (which was a fine scoop — not “fake,” as Ezra claims — but also one that never came close to justifying the now-fizzled outrage of NDP and Liberal question-period MPs, who cast it as a sort of Canadian Watergate).

Unfortunately, Ezra then spends the next three minutes going off on an ad hominem attack on Globe & Mail online editor Stephen Wicary, who is setting sail for a new non-Globe-affiliated life in communist Cuba. And here’s where Ezra shows his dark side."

My observations left on the NP blog.

Ezra's main point is the PPG and other left wing Journos, who have raised the  specter of losing democracy in Canada, are now defending one of their own who has bitterly complained about the loss of Democracy in Canada. Is the irony not lost on people he will now move to a commie regime, albeit with pretty good weather. (research shows democracy is no different than when Trudeau centralized power in the PMO). That is truly a changed state of mind. Those with any sense of observation already knew Wicary was a bleeding heart socialist from his own activities.

Let Wicary now try and complain about the Castro regime on his Twitter feed and he will truly know the difference. Most of those journos saying the sky is falling with respect to democracy have much in common. They think and run like a pack. Here is a list of some of the media party pack that showed up to last night in defence of the penultimate lefty journo Wicary. Jon Kay, Dan Gardner, Emmett MacFarlane, a lefty Political Science University teacher, always in denial over his political leanings, who likes to run with the pack, Paul Wells, Kady O'Malley - one of the pack leaders who tries so hard to appear impartial but fails, that dipper who loves robo call faux scandals, Glen McGregor, of "Frank" Magazine, Mulroney daughter deflowering fame, and Andrew Coyne the leader of the Democracy Deficit revolution in the pack. There were a few more minor pack followers whose names are irrelevant as are their scribbles
They clearly have not lived in an undemocratic country. They proved Ezra's point about their "pack" mentality by all joining in to defend Wicary.

One of the more humorous exchanges came from McGregor, who took umbrage at a comment Kay made about the perceived lack of "balls" on robo call obsessive's, and proffered he would no longer file his stories with the NP. McGregor thinks he actually has the power to do that! It appears delusion is something not confined to those locked up in the hospital. Note these same journos completely ignore the former Liberal leadership candidates with large outstanding loans from 2006, in defiance of election laws, which Elections Canada is also ignoring.

If you ever want to get an idea of what is wrong in journalism in Canada we saw it last night in the Twitter battle, lasting into the wee hours of the AM. They had quite the media party encounter proving the assertion they are indeed a monocultural, drone, core of not overly inspiring scribblers who think alike and are left of centre in many of their views. Their defensiveness was pretty clear and also ironically they proved Ezras point.

If anyone wonders who is one of the most influential TV personalities in Canada, don't miss tonight's "The Source"? Guess who will all be watching!

PS - Mr. Kay: Are any of those former colleagues in the ME, female?

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Chris Selley and PEI's abortion hardships

At some time in the evolution of Canadian Law, health care systems will conclude abortions, beyond those for health, rape, or incest, are an electable procedure and be paid for by the proponent who wishes to terminate the life she and her sex partner created. 

At that point we will see health costs reduced, more lazy hedonists, who undertake the sex act have protection and ensure they are using the technology provided by science to prevent pregnancy.  Having to travel a short distance will be moot.

Selley is essentially saying we ought not inconvenience a woman who, through choice, had sex without taking responsibility for her actions. As it turns out her lack of responsibility is to be "born" by the taxpayer.

Women have few excuses for getting pregnant when it is their choice. Feminists argue she should have a CHOICE to get an abortion.  They don't discuss the adult decision to take responsibility through CHOICE to not get pregnant.  I propose a new slogan and category for females to adopt. "I am Pro-Choice for ensuring I don't get pregnant." I think we will probably have a 95% approval rate on this. Ideological Feminists will oppose it because it would imply women are not "special" enough anymore and are acting like adults.

This just continues to infantilze women as a gender who, on its face, can't make responsible decisions before a human life is terminated due to their poor judgment. It's the old story of "rights" without responsibility.

The Mississippi vote was thankfully killed as it would not stand scrutiny in the SCOTUS and held the pro-life movement back for some time.  The issue must be dealt with incrementally, one step at a time, due to the misinformation supplied by the Feminist, tax supported lobby.

Chris Selley: Pro-lifers give themselves a warm fuzzy

Nov 18, 2011 – 7:00 AM ET | Last Updated: Nov 17, 2011 5:26 PM ET
Charlottetown is about four hours from Halifax or Fredericton by road. A return bus ticket costs $108. Some 140 Prince Edward Island women took those trips last year to terminate their pregnancies — as the National Post reported this week — in Halifax, on the province’s dime, if they have a referral from two doctors; or in Fredericton, out of pocket $800 to the Morgentaler Clinic, if they don’t.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Canadian Judge accepts premise no abortion law means moms can kill newborns and walk away

This is not a Ripley's Believe It Or Not Scenario.

It recently happened in a Canadian court room where a totally hard core feminist and desensitized Judge, named Joanne Veit, allowed a woman, Katrina Effert of Wetaskiwin, Alberta, to walk even though she was convicted of 2nd degree murder by not one, but two juries.

Justice Joanne Veit of the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench declared that Canada’s absence of a law on abortion signals that Canadians “sympathize” with the mother. Really, and who elected her to pass a new law that exonerates murder? Effert got a 3 year suspended sentence. If a dad did this to a new born he would be vilified, rightly, as a monster and given 10 or more years.

In Canada, however, if you are female you are portrayed by the judiciary as the victim not the dead son she strangled with her orange thong underwear.

Mr. Harper our Prime Minister should get busy on preparing a law that restricts abortion based on term of the child, and call a meeting with your Provincial colleagues to defund abortion unless absolutely medically necessary. You may want to read more on this case here:

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Dalton McGuinty's Green Delusions may fail - just like at Solyndra

As Dalton McGuinty crisscrosses the Province during this election season, in Ontario, extolling the virtues of all his mythical Green jobs and the amount of tax subsidy driving so called "Green" Energy take a look at Obama doing the same thing at a company called Solyndra a couple of years back.  This manufacturer of Solar Panel components, in Fremont, CA, got $535 million in government backed low interest loans.  Last week they declared bankruptcy as did two of their competitors not long before.

This week they were raided by the FBI.

View more videos at:

Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Commies are everywhere today

In addition to Parliamentary Press Gallery types nervously tweeting their mundane thoughts about communists in their midst, after Brian Lilley gave rise to their lefward political persuasion,  this one shows up with respect to one of their heroes.


Yikes! Look who just endorsed Obama for 4 more years

Accuses GOP of 'racism, lies, economic sabotage'

 Posted: August 03, 2011
9:37 pm Eastern
By Aaron Klein
© 2011 WND

Barack Obama at a presidential debate at Hofstra University in New York.

It may be early in the campaign season, but the Communist Party USA already has seen fit to endorse Barack Obama for the 2012 election.

While noting he is disappointed with "some aspects" of the Obama administration's domestic and foreign policy, Sam Webb, chairman of the Communist Party USA, threw his support behind Obama's re-election bid.

In an article last week at People's Weekly World, the official newspaper of the Communist Party USA, Webb discussed the need for a third party consisting of the so-called working class and labor as well as "racially and nationally oppressed people, women, youth, immigrants, seniors, gay and straight."

Read more: Yikes! Look who just endorsed Obama for 4 more years